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Welcome aboard the Swiss Alps undergrounds! Inspired by base-building & management games Dungeon Keeper, Evil Genius and Rimworld with a touch of sci-fi show Stargate SG-1, the Xeno Bits team wants to dive you into a new futuristic experience: Exogate Initiative.

About the game

Exogate Initiative is a management/base-building game that puts you in charge of mankind's first worlds exploration program.

In the near future, a new technology will allow us to travel instantly anywhere in the universe, via portals known as Exogates.

An international initiative is created to develop this technology and start the first exploration program.

You will lead mankind into the vast unknown, where we never before dreamt to tread.

Build the infrastructures

In the depth of a mountain plan, excavate and build your base using a variety of specialized rooms and equipment.

Assemble teams of international specialists

Recruit, train and manage specialists from all around the world, pick from 6 different classes to form exploration teams. Provide them with the tools and suits needed for their journey. Take care of their needs and ensure their well-being, as they are constantly facing the unknown.

Send them exploring exoplanets

Encounter new life forms, groundbreaking resources or create diplomatic relations with intelligent alien species. Bring back samples and specimens to study and make new scientific discoveries.

How to give feedback?

If you encounter any bug or other issues, you can press F10 when in-game. A window will pop up and you can write more details about your issue so the dev team can solve it.

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One of my soldiers just slides when he was done exercising, then he met someone, conversed, and afterwards walk normally. Definitely a bug, but funny 😁

Odd behaviors might occur, sounds funny indeed :D

Also, just a kind reminder that if you encounter any critical bug, you can use the bug reporting tool available by pressing the "Send Feeback" button available in the game menu :)


I really liked the Demo, can't wait for more! I have two question though:

1) what do you plan on doing with the patent system?

2) are we going to get to use any part of the tech tree in the demo?

Hello! Many thanks for playing! To answer your questions:

1) Patents are one of many ways to earn money in the game. During missions, Scientists bring back samples and discover new scientific interests that they turn into patents. Once set up and published, your patent will provide a monthly earning to sustain your initiative.

2) Yes, we plan to add some research options from the Tech Tree in the demo, but we haven't defined which ones yet :)

I'm glad where going to be able to play around with some of the tech in the demo.

I gave the demo a try.

I found a few bugs:

* A gater was standing at the place where a shooting range was built and thus got stuck inside it.

* The monthly ledger says "Expanses", I guess there should have stood "Expenses".

* A broken-down generator scheduled for fixing never got fixed, even if other broken-down generators got fixed.

Hello, thank you for playing! Can you please report these bugs in the bug report tool available in the pause menu, please? (the "Send Feedback" button, then select "bug" instead of "feedback" and tick the "Include Save" box on the left) It would help us track bugs better that way, thank you! :)

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As it stands its okay. My main issue is how often folks have mental breakdowns and you can't do anything about it. It makes the demo feel incomplete.


Thanks for your comment, we've received similar feedback and we're currently doing a balancing work so that you have fewer injured Gaters in the demo :) In the full game, you'll be able to unlock the Medbay to heal the Gaters from physical and mental injuries.

Yeah if the medbay was available in the demo it wouldn't be so bad or if the frequency wasn't so high for it. Its an interesting mechanic but with out the full ability to guage what the med bay could do to counter it it's a difficult mechanic to like for the demo purpose.



Will you be focusing strictly on the base building on Earth? I can't help but hope for you to lean into the SG1 / X-Com angle.  

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Hi! It won't be possible to see the planets outside the base, but we're planning to add threats inside the base. We can't tell more at the moment, but it will remain management oriented.

Thanks for the reply =


I love it. Can't wait for the game to come out.

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Thanks a lot! The game will be available here on Itch.io and on Steam :)

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Dungeon Keeper, Evil Genius and Stargate were huge parts of my childhood so I was pretty much all in from the first screenshot. 😅

I would love to check out any future builds! 👍

So cool! We appreciate the feedback :)


I love it. It was fun and I finished the demo without issues. Also, I made a video :)

Thanks a lot! It feels like you've been playing the game forever!

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I have fun, and I like this kind of games. 


wow! just looking at the screenshots make me excited to play this game, great job on explaining this game very clearly


Thank you! If you want to see more about the mechanics and know more about the story of the game, a long trailer is available at the top of the game page :)